Importance Of Scrubbing Your Tiles And Grout

Most homes feature tiles and grout in the bathrooms at the very least, but these days many homes also have tiling throughout the kitchen, as flooring, in their pools, and so on. Just how important is it to keep tiles and grout clean? Well, very.


Your tiles are one of the dirtiest surfaces in the home. It’s where mold spores, bacteria, and viruses collect and it is these invisible pathogens that contribute to illness. It isn’t always easy to reach every surface, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms where there are appliances. However, a professional cleaner has special equipment to get this job done properly.

Pores & Lifespan

The problem with grout is that it’s porous and because it is so quick to stain, hold moisture, and accumulate dirt it’s difficult to clean. That’s why it’s vital that you maintain it regularly to avoid a build-up – don’t just use standard products either. You need cleaning products that are specifically designed for grout.

Whether it’s floor tiles or wall tiles, failing to maintain them can weaken their integrity, thus reducing their lifespan. They will start to crack, discolor, and fade which means they will break down far quicker than they would if you had maintained them properly.

The Appearance

Whether it’s tiling in your swimming pool, bathroom or kitchen – grimy grout and tiles are not attractive. What is the point of putting so much effort into designing a stylish home if you don’t maintain the grout and tiles? There is nothing more awkward than stepping into a shower cubicle and noticing mold or grime on the grout. It’s not something that you would want to experience at someone else’s home, so why would you want someone else to experience it in your home?

Whether it’s a coffee date or long guests over the holidays, you want a home that is attractive and pleasant to visit and keeping your tile and grout clean is part of that. Of course, you want to live in a pleasant and clean environment, too.

Embedded Grime

This is more common in tile flooring because they see a lot of traffic every day. Tile flooring is an expensive replacement to make, but just by properly cleaning your flooring you can extend their life and make them look brand-new. If you haven’t considered having this done before, you will see a major difference in your tiles once the job is done.

In addition to having your tile and grout cleaned regularly, a sealant is an important step a lot of people miss. This is particularly true for kitchen tiles as they experience a lot of spills when it comes to food and beverage. A specialist will be able to remove any staining before applying a sealant to prevent additional staining. Of course, once the sealant is applied you will still need to regularly clean your tile and grout.

Calling in the professionals to handle your tiles and grout is a wise move because they use products and techniques that won’t cause damage. So, you get a better final result without the risk of damage.