Which are the Different Cleaning Methods for Different Floors?

Flooring is a very vital part of every house. There exists varying types of flooring such as concrete, marble, brick and asphalt among others. Selection of the most ideal type of flooring is time consuming because you have to select the best type based on several factors.

This is necessary regardless of whether you want to engage the services of a professional or whether you want to undertake and do the job yourself. Floors will always get dirty due to the attraction of scuffs and spillages. Many types of flooring are relatively easy to maintain but they still need to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis in order to rid of any germs. This article discusses the various types of cleaning methods that can be used to clean different kinds of floors.

  • Asphalt

This kind of flooring is tough and durable but some abrasive scouring and some types of soaps and detergents that are quite strong can still damage it. The best way to clean this flooring is by moping it weekly in order to avoid the accumulation of dirt. This ensures that you will not need to wash the floor regularly. It is vital to use the right kind of cleaner. You ought to exercise ample caution by using little amounts of water. This is because copious amounts of water could loosen the asphalt tiles adhesives and grout making them exceedingly frail. The mop should not be overly wet. Any kinds of marks can be easily removed with some steel wool and liquid floor wax by rubbing and finally wiping it with some damp piece of clothing.

  • Ceramic

There is glazed and unglazed ceramic. Glazed ceramic is deemed to be relatively stain proof whereas unglazed ceramic is porous hence necessitating sealing. This is done with the use of grout and you should clean the lines first in order to ensure that the cleaner can hold as it ought to. This is vital since it aids to keep the flooring clean for a long time. Experts recommend the use of a neutral cleaner and a damp piece of clothing to do the cleaning. You should be very keen and avoid strong cleaners and abrasives. It is also advisable to steer away from the use of acids on unglazed ceramic.

  • Brick

Brick floors are very susceptible to dirt since they are porous. They should therefore be sealed and waxed properly using a commercial sealer. These floors require a lot of dedication and commitment in order to keep them clean. You should commence with vacuuming the floors in order to remove any debris. This is followed by the use of a mop to remove any remaining dirt. Acids, abrasives and very strong soaps ought to be avoided to ensure that the floor is not damaged. More so, you can use some vinegar mixed with water in order to make the floor sparkle and shine.

  • Concrete

Similarly, just like brick floors, concrete floors require sealing with the use of a sealer, as they are very porous and absorb stains and dirt very quickly. Before sealing, you should thoroughly remove any dirt and then wash the floor with the use of an all-purpose cleaner. A kitty litter is very crucial as it aids in the absorption of oil and grease on your garage floor. A stiff broom is used to help spread it well commencing from the back of the garage towards the front. A garden hose can be used to help this process and the floor is finally allowed to air dry.

  • Linoleum

Before doing any cleaning, any marks should be removed with the use of steel wool. Unlike the aforementioned types of flooring, hot water, scouring and solvent-based cleaners are all not ideal ways of cleaning this kind of flooring. Polish or a one-step cleaner is a way of cleaning this floor. However, the best way is the use of a mop and an all-purpose cleaner.

The foregoing clearly illustrates the best way to clean varying types of floors. It is clear that every floor has a different type of cleaning and whatever works for one does not necessarily work for the other. You should thus follow the aforementioned tips to ensure that you are cleaning your floor in the recommended way. However, one thing you might realize when cleaning your floor is that it is a very complicated and daunting process. You should thus consider hiring a professional cleaner instead of trying to do everything yourself.