What exactly is deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning emphasizes commonly touched surfaces, most accessible areas, or places that you clean less often. It usually involves a two-step process where all surfaces in a home or office are cleaned and then disinfected to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. Grime and organic matter can limit the effectiveness of your disinfectants, that’s why you need to clean first before disinfecting the surfaces. Unlike your regular cleaning, deep cleaning eliminates dirt and dust from areas you never knew existed. In this article, we will discuss the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning, what is included, how long it takes, and when to schedule for deep cleaning.

The difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning

The main difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning is the frequency of cleaning and attention to detail. Regular cleaning service happens weekly and involves tidying up your living spaces, cleaning floors, taking out the trash, and general dusting. It takes a shorter time to perform regular cleaning because the ultimate goal is to keep up with basic cleaning tasks. On the other hand, deep cleaning goes far and beyond to get rid of dirt, soap scum, grime, and other gunk around your home. It takes much longer to finish and uses more sophisticated cleaning equipment and products. Deep cleaning can be done once a month or periodically because it requires more effort and involves lots of detailed work.

deep house cleaning can be fun

Deep cleaning should be done every couple of months

What is included in a deep cleaning?

A deep cleaning service focuses on areas that are not often covered by regular cleaning. It takes away embedded dirt and grime from surfaces that are often overlooked during regular cleaning. Some of the areas included in deep cleaning are ledges and windows, light fixtures, cabinets, bathroom surfaces, and hard floors. This is also the time you get to shampoo your carpets and upholstery, clean kitchen appliances, and wash down walls. It covers all areas that might be ignored during regular cleaning, starting from top to bottom. After cleaning, all surfaces are disinfected to eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms. Generally, a deep clean checklist will cover the living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, closets, laundry room, and general spaces.

When should you schedule deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning is an occasional service that you can get for a specific purpose, like moving into a new home. It gives you a fresh start without worrying about the dirt or grime left behind by previous homeowners. You can also schedule it when moving out to give a clean start to the new owners. You can also schedule deep cleaning before a big event or a big party because people tend to have a keen eye on details. However closely they look at your appliances or baseboards, they won’t come across any grease or gunk. Another reason to get a deep cleaning service is when you want to simplify or declutter. It gives your space an extra-clean feeling so you can have an easier time during your regular or weekly cleaning.

Benefits of a professional deep cleaning service

  • Trained and skilled staff

A professional cleaning company has a team of professionals who are highly trained and skilled to clean both residential and commercial environments. Their expertise allows them to operate high-end cleaning equipment to deliver efficient results at all times. The staff is also vetted before being hired to ensure the company has the best team for the job.

  • Specialized tools and equipment

A deep cleaning service company is aware of all major developments and innovations in the cleaning industry that makes their work easier and more efficient. That’s why they invest in the best equipment and cleaning products available for every cleaning job they come across. They have an idea of which tool to use and when to use it, which allows them to deliver high-quality and impeccable results.

  • Exceptional cleaning results

The physical transformation of all visible and hidden surfaces in your house or office is one of the most noticeable overall benefits of hiring a deep cleaning service. Not only will your home or office be gleaming but will also be very welcoming to your family and guests. A superior cleaning routine offered by professionals leaves a great impression all the time.

Deep cleaning your home once in a while is very essential, especially for homeowners living with pets and children. It eliminates visible dirt, germs, and bacteria that are embedded deep in your upholstery and other visible surfaces. A professional deep cleaning service can save you the time and energy of doing everything by yourself. You can always make a checklist when hiring a professional cleaning service to ensure all areas are cleaned to your satisfaction.