5 Best Tips For Keeping Your House Clean During The Christmas Rush

The Christmas rush has already begun, as soon as the first of November is upon us we hear the carols come over the radio, all of the stores have the decorations on display, and it’s hard not to get caught up in the merriest season of the year. It’s time to drag out the lights and decorations and prepare to decorate the tree. One thing that seems certain, though, is that no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to keep your house clean.

Don’t worry, there are some tips that can help you out this year.

1. Online Shopping
Wait, how does this help? It’s all about time management. If you hop in the car and head to the supermarket before going to the mall to do your Christmas shopping then you have to wait in lines, you get caught in traffic, and you’re at the mercy of the lights. However, if you choose to do some of your shopping online you can shave hours off your shopping trip and invest that time in spot cleaning. Yes! Plus, you don’t have to put up with grumpy people – why are people grumpier at Christmas?

2. Prioritize
Remember this: you can’t do everything. There could be a party or gathering every evening of the week and it’s nice to be invited, but you can’t attend them all. So, you need to go to the ones that are the most important to you and schedule them in advance. This will help you schedule valuable cleaning time to stay on top of your house.

3. Card & Wrapping Station
One of the biggest causes of clutter in a home during Christmas is the wrapping paper, ribbons, and glitter that seems to get everywhere. Save yourself from this problem by designating a specific area for all wrapping items – this becomes the spot to deal with Christmas cards, wrapping, and whatever else Christmas related may come along.

4. Christmas Cards
Don’t wait until the last minute to deal with writing out Christmas cards. First of all, they’ll end up arriving after the big day. Secondly, you’ll suddenly look around and find your home in chaos and have to decide between cleaning it and writing the Christmas cards you ignored for a month. So, carve out some time in your schedule and get those cards taken care of. As soon as you’re done writing them out, slap stamps on them, and get them sent out.

5. Little Steps Daily
Make your bed every morning, always put your shoes away, toss laundry in the washing machine every morning, do the dishes each night, and always pick up after yourself. These are little things that you can do in minutes and will help keep your home clean during the busiest season of them all. If you don’t let it get on top of you, you can escape the stress of chaos.

Do you have kids? Well, make sure they know how to make their beds and do so every morning. They should be able to tidy up after themselves as is appropriate for their age. It might only be small actions they can take, but every little really does help.

The best tip we have? Get a professional cleaner! Then you don’t have any of the added stress because we’re happy to do the work for you!