How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

A dirty carpet not only leads to poor indoor air quality but also poses a significant health concern. Pet dander, dust, bacteria, and other allergens that get trapped within the carpet fibers are some of the factors that lower your indoor air quality. It is important to keep your carpet clean, as it keeps everyone safe especially if you have children, pets, and family members who are sensitive to allergic reactions. However, the frequency of cleaning your carpets may vary depending on several factors. This article looks at how often you should clean your carpets based on the level of foot traffic and activities that go around in your house.

Factors That Determine How Often You Should Clean Your Carpets

  • Pets
mites in the carpet of a dirty house

Pets bring all kinds of dirt and gunk into the house every time they go outside and shed hair and dander. Other breeds shed more hair and dander because of their fluffy coats, which can make your carpet a mess. If you have some pet traffic, it is important to vacuum every day to keep you and your family safe from bacteria that pets bring in from outside. It is also recommended to steam clean your carpet every 4 to 6 weeks to remove any smelly spots or odor from pet accidents.

  • Children

If you have children, they are likely to track dirt into the house after playing outside or spill a drink on the carpet now and then. It is important to vacuum your carpet at least 1 to 2 times per week and spot clean daily or as soon as you notice any liquid spills and stains on the carpet. To keep the carpet clean and smelling fresh, it should be deep cleaned every six to 12 months. You can have it professionally cleaned once a year to keep it in good condition.

  • Under a Guarantee

If you have recently purchased a new carpet, it is advisable to check the warranty for the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations regarding the rug’s maintenance. Most warranties require you to clean your carpet once a year. If you want to be on the safe side, look at your carpet before you clean it yourself, or book the service. Regular vacuuming is still necessary to get rid of dirt and allergens that may lower your indoor air quality.

  • Extreme Conditions

If you are living in a home with multiple pets or a large family, you are more likely to encounter heavy foot traffic on your carpet. This means that your carpet can easily trap a lot of dirt, bacteria, and allergens in a single day. The situation can be worse if you have multiple pets, as they will shed more hair and dander. It is important to vacuum your carpets daily and do spot cleaning as soon as you notice any liquid spills. Under these extreme conditions, you should deep clean your carpet every 2 to 3 months.

  • If You Have Allergies and Respiratory Problems

People who are suffering from allergies or asthma are very sensitive to allergens and dust that get trapped in the carpet fibers. Pet hair and dander can aggravate their symptoms when inhaled accidentally. If any of your family members have allergies or respiratory problems, it is important to ensure that your carpet is regularly cleaned to improve the quality of air indoors. Keep them away from the room where you are vacuuming and open windows or fans to promote good air circulation.

Good Practices and Care When Cleaning Your Carpet

Every carpet needs to be cleaned differently based on the texture, color, and quality of the fiber material. For instance, the frequency of cleaning a cheaply made carpet will be different compared to a quality wool rug. Carpets get broken down a little each time they are cleaned so it is important to know the quality of your carpet as it depicts how often you can vacuum or deep clean. Keep in mind that excessive soaking of carpet and padding can lead to mold infestation if the carpet takes a long time to dry. Never hire an inexperienced carpet cleaner as they are likely to do more damage than good. If you do not use your carpet often, then you can have it professionally cleaned once in a year.

Although it is essential to keep your carpets clean and fresh, it is also important to consider. This prevents the carpet from losing its luster or being damaged during the cleaning process. Quality carpet fiber can withstand some level of cleaning frequency as long as you follow your manufacturer’s recommendations on how to maintain the carpet.