How Often Should The House Be Cleaned Professionally?

Cleaning a home is a very important aspect for every household. Many people who prefer to DIY the cleaning usually have no clue about professional cleaning services and how often such services have to be utilized.

There is no definitive answer to this question as one cannot answer it with finality since the frequency of cleaning a house professionally varies from one household to the other, and it is informed and dependent on several factors.

This includes the number of people in your home, whether you have any pets, the usual traffic involved and the actual size of your house.

All these factors dictate the regularity with which you should involve professional cleaning services to ensure that the house is always in pristine condition.

For better comprehension, this article will discuss all these factors to try to establish the number of times your house should be cleaned professionally. 

A professional cleaning company will keep your house clean

The Size of Your Home

A bigger house will require at least some weekly or bi-weekly cleaning due to its vast nature as some areas can be forgotten if the cleaning frequency is prolonged. This could leave some areas of the home in a deplorable state thus making the bi-weekly cleaning necessary. In fact, bigger houses actually necessitate cleaning every week leaving the owner with only minor and rudimentary tasks that can easily be DIY. However, this is not realistic and achievable for everyone hence rendering bi-weekly cleaning quite feasible for those who cannot manage the weekly cleaning. Conversely, a small house with some limited space requires professional cleaning on a monthly or even quarterly basis in some instances. This is because it is easy to maintain such a space rendering a monthly or quarterly cleaning quite plausible.

Present Budget

Different people have varying budgets dedicated towards this project. Ideally, frequent cleaning makes your home much neater, but this cannot always be the case especially in instances involving financial constraints. A decent and fitting schedule is therefore one that is in tandem with your resources. If you have a big budget, weekly professional cleaning will obviously suffice but in case your resources are limited, monthly cleaning is ideal. The monthly visits can be supplemented by proper maintenance in between the professional cleaning days.


Some people usually have very demanding and tasking jobs that can limit their availability. They are rarely at home, whereas others actually travel a lot or work overseas and are only home sparingly throughout the course of the month. For such people, a bi-weekly or monthly professional house cleaning is okay as it helps to maintain the house without necessarily affecting their busy schedule. However, others can be readily available based on their work schedule including some who work remotely. This implies that a weekly cleaning is doable without any work inhibitions resulting in a very tidy home.

Existence of Pets

They are great to have at home, but they leave a lot of dirt due to the shedding of fur and bad odors that emanate from them. This directly affects your cleaning schedule dependent on the number of pets that you have at home. A single pet will not leave a huge trail of dirt thus a bi-weekly professional cleaning can be enough accompanied by some regular spot treatments to remedy the mess that they often leave behind. On the other hand, if you have many pets, weekly cleaning is required due to the high levels of fur from the resultant shedding and more so due to the increased mess.

Daily Traffic

Some households have many children or relatives whereas others usually encounter heavy traffic from visitors and guests on a daily basis. This is dependent on one’s lifestyle and sociability and for those living in these active homes and experiencing such levels of traffic, weekly professional cleaning is ample to deal with the big mess. However, for those who have fewer kids and pets and who have limited guests, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning is recommended as the dirt and mess involved is minimal.

Premised on the foregoing, a house can be cleaned professionally weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. Based on the aforementioned factors, you can be able to determine the best schedule for you and adhere to it to ensure that your house is always clean and properly maintained. This helps you to figure out with consummate ease how often your house should be cleaned professionally. You therefore stand to be properly informed but in case you still have some concerns or blurry areas that need further elucidating, do not hesitate to call a professional for more clarification.