Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist

Fall is the penultimate season after a very busy and long summer. Traditionally, spring is the season associated majorly with deep cleans but it is also great to break that tide and usher in every season with a very thorough deep clean. Freshening and sprucing up every room is therefore ideal in readiness for the cold weather outside. Ideally, it is recommended to commence with the outdoor cleaning before venturing inside as the cold gradually intensifies. It entails cleaning, repairing, and inspecting and a combination of these three can always suffice. This article shall provide a well-curated checklist of the different distinct areas in the home that need a cleanup during Fall.

  • Outdoor Furniture

This entails treating all the stains since failure to do so implies that they remain ingrained on the upholstery and outdoor fabric for a long time rendering it quite difficult to clean in the subsequent months. The furniture can be moved into the storage area for enhanced protection but if the same is nonexistent, then protecting the furniture with some covers is always a decent idea.

Young woman washes a window with a rag

Window Cleaning before the holidays is always a great idea!

  • Gardening Equipment

The impending cold season means that your garden will be freezing and unused for quite some time. Similarly, the gardening equipment will not be in use thus they ought to be well-cleaned, serviced, and maintained including making any other necessary repairs. Lawnmowers and other garden machinery should also be well preserved so that they are all in pristine condition as spring later sets in.

  • Gutters and Downspouts

The constantly falling leaves in autumn can usually pose a huge problem and be a recurring nuisance. They are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing until they start clogging gutters and downspouts. The danger is that the resultant moisture can culminate in mildew and consequently rot in the various roof leaks and wood leaks. Gutter cleaning should therefore be a regular affair as the leaves keep falling but ample caution should be exercised while undertaking this endeavor to avoid any falls that could be associated with heights while doing the cleaning.

  • Outdoor Pool

This should be perfectly drained if it is not heated. It is not merely limited to the outdoor pool and it includes other water features. The interconnecting pipes should also be winterized to ensure that you would not spend colossal sums of money later on to do unwarranted repairs.

  • Indoor and Exterior Windows

This entails cleaning the inside and outside of the windows, thoroughly including the drapery, which ought to be dry-cleaned if you have the tools and resources for that. The window treatment fabric should also be cleaned in the washer and the blinds cleaned appropriately leaving the windows well attended to.

  • Outdoor Inspection

This aids to identify the other areas, which should be winterized, and if you feel unable to undertake this task, do not hesitate to indulge in the services of a professional. It could include inspecting the roof and home foundation, pest control, and a maintenance check of the heating system.

  • Inspecting the Chimney

Sweeping the chimney and the fireplace should be done annually. The gas logs and the fireplace are inspected collectively to curtail fire hazards attributed to the buildup and accumulation of creosote.

  • HVAC Filters

These should be changed or cleaned regularly in the heating and air conditioning system as it helps improve the air quality in the house whilst also increasing the longevity of the furnace through reduced wear and tear over time.

  • Ceiling Fans

This is cleaned by turning it off and it is highly recommended as its one of the areas that are normally overlooked to ensure that the fan functions properly and optimally.

  • Deep Cleaning

This supersedes and goes beyond removing the visible grime. It entails a deep clean in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen including any other areas, which are usually neglected. It entails some chores such as vacuuming the bedroom cleaning the carpets and rugs and vacuuming the mattress. The bathroom cabinets are also cleaned and the bathmats and shower curtains were washed whilst replacing toothbrushes and cleaning the fixtures. The upholstered furniture is also vacuumed and the electronic gadgets and devices are cleaned. This is followed by dusting surfaces such as baseboards and other varied furniture surfaces, and cleaning the wood floors and walls in the living room to remove any indented marks. In the kitchen, the pantry is emptied and cleaned and the oven and refrigerator are thoroughly cleaned while ensuring that all the small appliances are perfectly inspected and attended to.

This article has provided an elaborate fall cleaning checklist thus you stand to be properly guided. In case of any blurriness, do not hesitate to liaise with a professional for more solid advice and recommendations.