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How to Keep My New Carpet Bright for a Long Time?

Carpets in any home are an important investment. In most houses, they can last up to seven years. However, the real issue is if you can keep your carpet bright for a long time. Achieving that is possible. With proper care, your carpet will look new and fresh like when you bought it. Carpets tend to get dirty easily and the dirt makes your carpet weary faster. Like any other product, they need servicing to maintain them, and for that reason, your carpet will be able to last you longer than the expected time. This article gives tips to keep your carpet looking bright for a long time.

  • Regular Professional Deep Clean

Getting pros to come to clean your carpet at least twice or thrice a year can help maintain its color. One of the methods used in deep cleaning is steam cleaning, where there is the use of hot water that extracts all types of dirt. The steam penetrates through the carpet fibers and removes even the stubborn stains.

The process of cleaning carpets with a steam vacuum cleaner. An employee of a cleaning company cleans the carpet using steam.

Furthermore, steaming makes your carpet look brand new and it also helps pull the fiber upwards, eliminating any dents or marks. It is safe to use highly trained cleaners when it comes to deep cleaning because if done wrongly, it can ruin it or make it worse. There are factors to consider when cleaning your carpets, such as the fabric type and the colorfastness, as they come in different specifications from the manufacturer. Since professional carpet cleaners know about these things, they will be able to do a good job for you. If you decide to hire cleaning experts, be sure to get the best ones in town.

  • Deal With Stains Immediately

Once you get a stain, it is better to deal with it straight away because the longer you wait, the harder it will be to clean. The best option to go for is to spot clean where the stain is. You can use a stain-removing product for this purpose. It will help target the dirt and bring it to the surface, where it will get cleaned faster.

You can also try using baking powder just before vacuuming, as it helps your carpet smell fresh for an extended period by sucking accumulated dust. Another trick is to change your vacuum filter bag regularly. This will ensure the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner when it comes to sucking dirt.

  • Trim Snags

There are types of carpets known to snag with time. In homes with kids and pets, their carpets snag faster, unlike others. If you want to remove a snag, avoid pulling it. Pulling will only worsen the situation. It will tear the carpet away from the backing. The best thing to do is use a pair of scissors and trim from the base to prevent further damage.

  • Keep Shoes Off The Carpet

Create a habit in the house where no one is allowed to have shoes on the carpet.  They are to remain at the door except only for indoor slippers. Shoes cause harm as they have a rigid tread than indoor slippers. They also create tracks on the carpet making it look dirty and will wear down your carpet faster than expected.

If you keep pets in your house, you can train them to limit damage on your carpet. In case of any damage, it is better to deal with it quickly, rather than waiting as it may get worse. For example, if there is any smell, it might encourage the pets to repeat the same mistake. You can use cleaners that are safe for your pets to remove the odor.

  • Add Carpet Protection

When talking about carpet protection, it means adding a rug and not just any but one that matches your carpet. The purpose of this is to get the dirt and footfalls. However, rugs also need maintenance, which is much simpler than a whole carpet. It is easy to clean them. With regular deep cleaning, then you are set to add it to your carpet. Furthermore, you can add chair mats to save your carpet from the marks and dents made by chair legs and tables. That way, your carpet will last you for a long time.

With the above steps, you can be sure that your carpet will forever look bright even in years to come. These steps not only make it look neat and fresh, but they also make your house look cozy, smell good, and the whole home takes on a better ambiance.


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