Why Keep Your Office Clean? The Evidence May Surprise You

Office cleaning used to be something that was done simply because it had to be done—especially in retail or other businesses where clients and colleagues often visit. But that’s not really the case anymore. 21st century businesses are taking a fresh look at office cleaning and why they actually do it. In fact, there is no shortage of compelling new evidence in support of maintaining a spotless professional space—and some of the reasons may surprise you. 1. Physical health When research is conducted on where Continue reading →

Spring Cleaning Secrets from the Pros

If you live and work in an area with chilly, dark winters, you know how great it feels to open all the windows and start cleaning when spring arrives. All of the dust, grime and stale air that has built up over the winter months is done away with. Items you no longer need are thrown away or donated. Fresh supplies and home accents are brought in. It’s a great time to start again. But is your house or office really getting clean this spring? Continue reading →

What’s the Best Method for Cleaning My Carpets?

You love the warm, plush feel of your carpets. You love how they bring the room together. A lot of research went into choosing a type and color—not to mention a lot of money. Carpet is a big investment, and it’s no wonder people want to make sure the cleaning is done properly. Carpet needs periodic deep cleaning in order to restore the fibers, remove dust and allergens, and prolong the overall lifespan of the carpet. It’s been proven that when carpet cleaning is neglected Continue reading →

Professional Office Cleaning: How is the Cost Calculated?

Today’s businesses have to do all they can to get ahead and maximize resources. That’s why managers and owners are constantly looking for ways to reduce overhead and increase those profit margins. There are, however, certain expenses you just can’t get around. For many businesses, professional cleaning is one of these necessary expenses. You can’t allow hard working employees to lose focus on their work due to cluttered, dusty, dirty work environment. It’s been statistically proven that maintaining a clean and orderly space is good Continue reading →

Moving Apartments? 3 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Company

If you’re a renter, you know how exciting it can be to move apartments. A new location and layout, new amenities, and (hopefully) a more functional lifestyle. It’s a chance to start again, get rid of unwanted possessions, and improve your quality of life. Statistically speaking, most renters feel happier with their new apartments than they did with their old ones. But moving apartments is no picnic. It also comes with a unique set of stresses and challenges. First, there’s the actual moving. This often Continue reading →

4 Things to Look for in a Professional Cleaning Company

Have you ever hired a professional to clean your home or business? If not, you probably wonder what the process is actually like—and whether it’s really worth your time and money. For instance, what kind of equipment does the company bring? Will they need to move possessions or furniture in order to perform the job? And perhaps most importantly, are the results really better when you bring in professional help? It’s important to find answers to these questions before you move forward with a professional Continue reading →

What Questions Should Be Asked When Hiring A Cleaning Service?

Most importantly, you need to assure that the company of your choosing is insured and bonded. This is something that is not always asked yet is extremely important! The company being insured will assure you that if someone is hurt in your home it will be covered under workmen’s compensation and it will never affect your homeowners insurance. This could be someone’s worst nightmare in the event the employee has a permanent injury. They should also have liability insurance in case of a major damage Continue reading →

What Services Are Usually Included? What Services Are Usually Not Included?

What’s included: Typically, changing sheets, microwave inside, light organizing while cleaning and moving furniture are all things that a thorough cleaning service should include. Carpeted floors should be vacuumed thoroughly including edges. Wood, wood-like, laminate, etc.… should be vacuumed thoroughly and then mopped. All furniture polished, knickknacks wiped down, blinds and moldings kept up, upholstery vacuumed including the cushions being removed and vacuumed underneath! Light fixtures are maintained including ceiling fans. Bathrooms are disinfected and cleaned as well as your kitchen. What’s usually not included: Continue reading →

Top 5 Reasons To Use A Cleaning Service

First, and foremost TIME! Your spare time should be spent with your family and doing things you enjoy after a long, hard work week. Your time is precious and let’s face it, no one really wants to clean… but we do! Second, with a good service all those task that we can never seem to find the time to get around to doing because we’re usually trying to beat the clock. A good service will take care of the pesky takes like the tops of Continue reading →

Troublesome Dust Mites Can Become a Serious Health Issue

The Statistics The average household mattress contains more than two million dust mites, which live on the skin flakes you shed every night. These microscopic creatures can be a real menace to your health, and can be found just about everywhere. Their favorite breeding ground is usually your mattress. If you or anyone in your family suffers from any of the following symptoms, the problem could be dust mites. Asthma Bronchitis Fatigue Hay Fever Headaches Eczema Itchy, Red Eyes Depression Bringing Relief to Allergy Sufferers Continue reading →